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Symach Robot Technology

Symach Robot Technology
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Frequently Answered Questions


Q. Does it matter where I get my car repaired, will the insurance company pay for the damage anyway?
A. You are entitled to get your car repaired anywhere. It's your vehicle, it's your choice.

Q. But my insurance company have recommended another dealer.
A. They have their own approved dealers that they will prefer to use to keep costs to a minimum, but you can choose where you have your vehicle repaired yourself.

Q. Do I have to contact my insurance company to make a claim?
A. No, we have a dedicated claims handling system and can deal directly with your insurance company.

Q. It's the weekend, will I have to wait until Monday to get my insurance claim approved?
A. No, we have automatic approval up to €2,500 with all leading insurance companies and we have a 24 hour online estimate approval system for repairs over this amount.

Q. Do I need to get a tow-service or the AA to get my car to the repair centre?
A. No, we will collect your car and tow it to our centre free of charge.

Q. I'm in Ballina and I see that your repair centre is in Dublin. Can I still use your service?
A. Yes, we offer an nationwide service and will collect your car from any part of the country.

Q. Will my car be more vulnerable if it has been repaired after being in an accident?
A. No, the repair work that we carry out is of a very high standard and we can give you a lifetime guarantee on the paintwork.

Q. Will I have to pay for a replacement vehicle?
A. No, we supply you with a replacement vehicle free of charge. We have a network of dealers who supply us with replacement cars, so we will give you a car comparable to your own.

Q. Will my car be off the road for long?
A. No, with our newly insalled Symach Robot Technology we can repair your car in the shortest possible time without compromising on quality. We will have your car back on the road within days.