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Accident Advice

If you were involved in an accident, would you know what to do and what not to do?

What to do

  • Stop your vehicle and check to see if anyone is hurt.
  • Move the vehicle off the road if it is blocking traffic.
  • Dial 999 and request an ambulance (if necessary) and the Gardaí.
  • Take note of the other driver's contact and insurance details.
  • Talk to any witnesses and take their contact details.
  • Take photographs and/or sketch details if possible.


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What not to do

  • Do not leave the scene, regardless of how small the damage appears to be. Stay until the Gardaí have assessed the situation.
  • Don't panic, try to remain calm and act quickly.
  • Do not attempt to move any injured people.
  • Do not admit liability. If you admit liability you may not be able to claim off your insurance.
  • Don't agree to let the any other drivers involved leave, even if they have given you their details. Wait until the Gardaí have assessed the situation.